How To Buid A Mini Chopper Volume #1

 If you are looking to build a mini chopper and are not sure where to begin than you have come to the right place. If you want a frame that looks sweet and stands out in the crowd that you will not want to pass on these plans. In this booklet you will find over 150 pages of helpful and very detailed info that will save you time and money. Doing it right the first time makes for a rewarding project . The idea behind the plans is to take all the guess work out and cut your build time down. The detailed step by step approach will keep you focused and moving forward. No need to recall where you left off ! Just mark the page and build at your pace. There are currently 8 unique mini chopper designs and many more on the way! Each frame is broken down step by step. Also included are build jig details for each frame. This is a must have when building a straight and accurate frame. The easy to build 2″X4″ wonder jig cost less than $6.0 to build. The most valuable part of the plans is the 24\7 customer support. If at anytime you get stuck or have a question all you have to do is email. Most email will be answered same day. You will also get free updates for life, when new frame designs are added you will be notified and you can download the latest copy. Each frame is laid out in a very simple easy to follow format. Each step is documented with the necessary info including detail drawings and step by step pictures.

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Instant Download Now Just $19.95

  • Over 150 pages
  • Plans cover 8 unique designs
  • Laid out step by step
  • Includes bill of material
  • Tube notch templates provided
  • Jig plans provided for each mini chopper
  • Step by step pictures
  • Converted to adobe
  • Bill of material provided
  • 100% C.A.D drawn
  • Printable on 8 X 11
  • Instant download today
  • Covers Medium & Wide tire n Choppers